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Lode Tibos and Patricia Hiele

IN 3 D

Their sculptures are abstract without any links to figurative forms.

Though they work with the same materials like stone, sometimes combined with metal, they both have their own way of converting it into a sculpture.

IN 2 D

Lode's paintings are 3-dimentional and abstract, light being a very important component.
For the viewer it's like pending somewhere in space.

The photography of Patricia gives by means of macro-shots, a view on the universality in forms and structures, from the atomic level up to the universe.
Disconnected from their context they live a life of their own.

Video on YouTube

 The sculptural work of Patricia is now to be seen at a new website

The work of Lode has, since he passed away in 2013, been guarded by the Collective Lode Tibos
News on exhibitins can be found on

   Collectief Lode Tibos